We ran down to Hutchinson, KS for a weekend so the boys could FINALLY go to the Cosmosphere.  We tried to go over Spring Break but the weather got really nasty and we had to postpone it.  We got into Hutch around 4:30 and decided to go to the Underground Salt Mine.  I have to tell you, I liked it better than the Cosmosphere.  They take you down 650 feet in an elevator and then you can walk the tour at your own pace.  Along the way, they have videos that you can watch.  They also have two fun rides.  One was a train that took you into the mines more and the other was a tram that did pretty much the same thing (but they were both fun).  I loved the dark elevator ride up and down.





They also store some of the costumes from movies there.  There aren’t a ton there.  The majority are kept close by.



We hit the Cosmosphere the next day, which was Eric’s favorite place on this trip.  We did the all day pass even though we knew we would only be there for four or so hours (we had tickets to an MMA fight in KC that night).  We did get a little bit of a discount since we had been to the Salt Mine the day before (just bring your receipt in).  There is a lot to look at.  A. Ton.  After we saw everything, we all went to see a planetarium show.  After that, Luke and Eric went to a movie and Kenny and I went to Dr. Goddard’s Lab.  Dr. G’s Lab was fantastic.  If you go to the Cosmosphere, make sure you go to it.



(Hurricane simulator)




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