Just walk it off

Kenny broke his toe in his MMA class back in September.  He wasn’t kicking or sparring or anything, he was just doing bear crawls down and then sprinting back.  When he went to turn, he somehow rolled his toe.  Being the good mom that I am, I just told him to walk it off when he told me he hurt it:)  His instructor looked at it and thought we needed to have a doctor look at it.  We went to the ER, they did an X-ray, told us it was broken and put him in a boot.


Fast forward to four weeks later, his X-rays were showing that his toe wasn’t showing a “significant improvement” so we had to go see an orthopedic doctor the next week.  We went, they did another X-ray and, this time, his toe was starting to heal.  They said he could take his boot off that day but would have to wait to start soccer on Nov. 9; just in time for a tournament.  He can start gym class on the 11th and then MMA two weeks later.  He was literally dancing out of the doctor’s office (and they were all laughing).


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