Good-bye 2013, hello 2014

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m ready for 2014.  2013 wasn’t bad for us, except medically the last part of the year.  Let’s see, starting in September, we had:

– Kenny:

Broken toe = 4 X-rays and a trip to an orthopedic doctor.  Plus, he was sick for the entire month of November.

– Eric:

Bruised ribs = X-ray to make sure they weren’t broken.

– Luke:

Sick for most of November.

– Me:

Sick for the entire month of November.

– Camille (dog):

Cancer of the mouth = X-ray and a trip to an oncologist.

– Mac (dog):

Tore his ACL.  Luckily for us money-wise, our vet doesn’t recommend surgery for him due to how big he is.  He said if he was a working dog, it would be another story.

I had the boys fill these out on New Years Eve so I could remember what they liked best about the year and what they are looking forward to.



I’m not the best at keeping up on this blog anymore but I still try to get in and record the bigger things, even if it’s months later.

And just in case I can’t ever read what they put, it says:


Age:  6

Favorite color:  orange

Favorite food:  oranges

Favorite activity:  reading

Favorite book:  Cowabunga Snoopy

Greatest lesson learned:  How to tell time

Hardest thing this year:  I want to get better at football

Favorite memory:  When I got Mario Kart 7

What I loved about 2013:  When I got my Chiefs’ watch

Want to learn:  100+2×3-8×1000=?

Want to get better at:  Hand writing

Goals for 2014:  Hand writing


Age:  nine years old

Favorite color:  scarlet

Favorite food:  chicken pot pie

Favorite activity:  soccer

Favorite book:  Big Nate books

Greatest lesson learned:  Long division

Hardest thing this year:  Learning to put contact lenses in my eyes (without fainting)

Favorite memory:  The memory of my b-day

What I loved about 2013:  Me!!!!!!!!!!

Want to learn:  Two-digit long division

Want to get better at:  Soccer

Goals for 2014:  Try to make the days before my b-day go faster


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