RIP Camille

We said good-bye to our sweet, shady lady Camille on June 27th.

Her cancer got so bad that it got to the point where we had to help her to even stand up.


Kenny took it the hardest.  Luckily, my dad came over and took the boys out to lunch while we went to the vet so that took their mind off it a little bit.  I don’t think Luke quite gets it yet.  After we came back from the vet’s office, he asked us where she was.   I know I put these on FB but I wanted to record them on here.  Here were two cute, innocent Luke quotes from that morning:

1.  Luke:  “Can we get a new dog?”

Me:  “We have about 20 minutes left with Camille so we’re not going to talk about that now.”

Luke:  “In 20 minutes, can we get a new dog?”

Me:  “No!”

2.  As we’re walking out the door to take Camille to the vet…

Luke:  “Does this mean I don’t have to fill up two bowls (of dog food) now?”


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