I have 3 men in my life…my husband, Eric, and my 2 boys, Kenny (12) and Luke (9).  We live just outside of Kansas City on the Kansas side.  I graduated from KU (go Jayhawks!) with a degree in journalism.  Afterwards, I did absolutely nothing with my degree.  Instead, I followed in the footsteps of my Grandma Dolly and cousin Kris and became a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines.  I was furloughed a year after 9/11 and officially left the company after Kenny was born.  I now run a swimming lesson program here in town.


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  1. Deb

    Hey love your idea about the calendars….I live in KC too….on the Missouri side up north by Liberty. My hubbie is a KCMO police sgt downtown. I just thought I would say hi. We lived down south for 7 yrs and went to church at Legacy CC at 101st and Antioch…super incredible church…anyway I have a ton of friends that live in KS. I haven’t run into anyone from the metro through Shannon’s blog. It is very cool. Are you on Twitter? or Twittermoms? I have made some great connections w/ a gal who has a board …www.kansascitymommies.com I have found some great tips there too.

  2. I was attracted to the site by the title, being a big Jayhawks fan myself! ROCK CHALK! But beyond the title it is a great looking blog! It’s really well organized. Cute kids too!

    • I do have one question… Under blogroll, why do you offer up your blog in Spanish?? Do you speak Spanish? Do you have family members who would like to read it and they speak Spanish? Host family from years back? I’m perplexed!

      • i wish i spoke spanish better! my sil (who’s a spanish teacher now) studied in spain last spring. i had that option there so her host family, who spoke very little english, could see what things were like here in kc.

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