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8000 for 8000

Have you ever thought about sponsoring a child or adult in need? 

 The president of CFCA walked 8000 miles between December 2009 and June 2011 to bring attention to families in poverty.  He would like to have 8000 children sponsored, one for each mile he walked.  If you would like to help him reach his goal and make a difference in a child’s life, you can go HERE to get started or just to get more information. 

I can attest to how wonderful the sponsorship experience is.  We’ve been sponsoring Ivan from Colombia since 2009.  It’s one of the best things we’ve ever done.  We just received his Christmas card last week, complete with a recent picture.  He’s just adorable and it’s been great to see how he’s grown throughout the last two years.   

There are so many WONDERFUL organizations out there but here are two of the top reasons why we chose to sponsor a child through CFCA:

1.  This website evaluates the different charities.  They gave CFCA 4 out of 4 stars.  I think it’s huge that 94.1% of the money raised goes right to the program.     

2.  I live in Kansas City so I love that CFCA is based here. 

Think about it:)


We’ve done an 8000 for 8000 workout over at MDS to show support for what he’s doing.



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A few months ago, we decided to sponsor Ivan through CFCA.  We just received our second letter from him yesterday.  An adult wrote the letter (he’s only 5), Ivan drew the pictures and then another person translated it for us.  How cute is this?

Letter 1


Letter 2


Kenny drew this picture for Ivan, which we mailed right back to him (along with some temporary tattoos and a note saying to ask his mom to make sure they were okay). 


If any of you are considering sponsoring a child, we’ve had a great experience with CFCA.  Hannah had this website on her blog.  The website gives you information on all of the different charities out there.  If you click on this link, you can see info on CFCA, including the fact that 94.6% of CFCA’s money goes towards the actual program.  That’s pretty huge.  Another plus for me is that it’s based out of KC and the majority of the board members live here.



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Memory verses and Ivan

I found this great workbook for kids that deals with learning Bible verses.

There are 43 activities.  Each activity includes a short verse, an explanation, a Bible passage to read that pertains to the quote and a project to do. 

For example, the first activity dealt with creation.  The verse Kenny learned was “on the 7th day (God) rested.”  After Kenny memorized that, we read the story of creation in the Bible and we talked about how everyone needs to rest.  The activity for that one was basically making a creation clock.  The clock was divided into the 7 days and each day showed what God did on that day.  Kenny colored and cut it out and then taped it onto a paper plate (we were out of glue).  To finish it off, we added the clock hand with a fastener.  It turned out really cute and Kenny had a great time.  We’ve done 4 of them so far and they’re still a hit.  And even better, Kenny has learned a lot.

The activity book is called Teaching Children Memory Verses by Rainbow Productions.  If interested, I found it here in KC at Mardel (Rosana Square – 119th and Metcalf).

I also found a Come and See series on-line.  Has anyone used these before or heard anything about them?

In other church-ie (yes, I’m making up words now) news, we had a priest yesterday who, during his homily, talked about sponsoring a child or older adult through the organization CFCA.  There were pictures and info on all those who were in need of sponsorship in the lobby for us to look at.  We decided to do it.  We’re now the proud sponsors of 5 year old Ivan from Colombia.


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