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Additions to the mix

We went to Springfield to spend the day with my friend Annie and her family (specifically to meet her sweet little girl).  In the past ten years since college, Annie and I have added husbands – and now kids – to the mix.   


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Alma mater

Eric had CIRT training (SWAT) today so I took the boys to Lawrence for their St. Patrick’s Day parade.  We were going to do the KC one but it was still kind of rainy out at 11.  The Lawrence one didn’t start until 1 so I figured the weather would be better for that one.

We got to Lawrence around 11:30 so I spent an hour or so showing them around KU. 

First, I showed them Allen Fieldhouse, the campus and my old sorority. 

Then on to the Kansas Union where we found lots and lots of Jayhawks to pose with.

Then we headed to GSP, my freshman year dorm.  I forgot how ugly that place is.  On the way from the Union to GSP, I finally saw that new hotel that went up where The Crossing (our old home away from home) used to be.  It looks really nice – I want to stay there. 

Then, after 20 minutes of searching for a parking spot, we ended up parking on the street right next to GSP and walking down to Mass Street for the parade. 

The parade was great and by the time it was over, the sun was starting to peek out.  I bought myself a new shirt from Sunflower, Kenny a KU shirt and Luke a KU jersey.  We’re ready for the tournament to begin now:)   The boys were so good the entire time and definitely deserved ice cream at Sylas and Maddie’s.  Their ice cream is seriously the best out there. 

We ended our trip at Campanile.  It was so nice out at this point, we didn’t need our coats anymore.   

We had a really fun day in Lawrence.  Kenny’s already talking about how he can’t wait to go to college there. 

You’ve got to brainwash train them young:)


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College pictures

A few sorority sisters and I have been talking about getting together for a freshman year reunion.  I dug out these pictures today and posted them on FB in honor of our future get together.  They still make me laugh. 

Me and Crissi…sadly she lives in St. Louis now.


Me, Kelly, Sharmilla, Andrea, Amanda


Deb Ball – yes, we really were supposed to find the most horrible dress ever and wear it.  Mine looked like it had previously belonged to a Latino working girl so that’s why I had the money sticking out the top of it.  Horrible.


Me and Crissi again. 


Molly and Me


Crissi, Gretchen and Me


Crissi and Me – seriously, doesn’t everybody have a picture in this pose?



Varner, Crissi, Me and Brandi at Phi Psi


Gretchen and Me after swimming in Anchor Splash (our philanthropy)


Emily, Andrea, Angela, Me, Crissi, Ashley, Amanda and Lynn at the Crossing, our favorite bar.


Our family – my pledge mom, Gretchen, my pledge daughter, Kelley and Me


This picture is absolutely horrible of me but I just love it.  Crissi and I loved the Seinfeld episode where Elaine dances.  If you haven’t seen it, go here (she starts dancing around the 25 second mark).  This was our version of it. 



At some point I’ll have to get out the ones from the rest of sophomore year.  I just wish my scanner wasn’t such a pain to use.


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