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Workout music

My SIL Jennifer had her favorite 10 new songs to run to on her blog.  I thought I’d do something similiar.  Here are my top (and first) ten songs on my workout play list. 

1.  I Know You Want Me – Pitbull

2.  Waking Up in Vegas – Katy Perry

3.  Hicktown – Jason Aldean

4.  Cheater, Cheater – Joey + Rory

5.  Rehab – Amy Winehouse

6.  When I Grow Up – The Pussycat Dolls

7.  She’s Country – Jason Aldean (again)

8.  Irene – Toby Mac

9.  The Anthem – Pitbull (again)

10.  So What – Pink

You know, a little rap, pop, country and christian all thrown together.  It works.

Now I’m going to go run.  I’m so not motivated.



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*I apologize if you’ve read this post 3 times but I’m having some issues with WordPress tonight.  It won’t let me edit this post (and this post only) so I’ve been trying to get around that by deleting and re-posting. 

60 days ago I decided to try to workout every day.  So far, so good.  Don’t give me too much credit, there have been many days where I have only accomplished 10 push ups.  But, hey, I’m trying.   

It isn’t exciting but I’m keeping track over here.  I’m going to try to do it for a year.  Feel free to join in.

On a side note, I used Blogger for that blog, just to see how it’s different from WordPress.  I like the visual options better on Blogger but WordPress has more options overall.  Just FYI.


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I am one run short of finishing my C25k program and I have to tell you, I am so bored.  Really, really bored.  I know it would help if I switched up my route but I like it.  It’s fairly flat and I’ve done it so much that I pretty much know where I am at each point.  I don’t really need to look at my watch to see how long I’ve been running and I always have an idea of where my stopping point is (which can be good or bad).  I have a month until my 5k race so I need keep up with my running.  If any of you guys have tips on what helps keep you from getting bored, I’d love to hear them. 

For everyone who is running the Sprint 5k –

I tried to sign up our teams on Friday but the website wouldn’t let me.  I have an e-mail in to SportKC to find out if we have to do teams to get the team price (a little cheaper) or if we can all just sign up ourselves and still pay that price.  Hopefully I’ll hear back tomorrow.

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Either you’re in or you’re out

I just started a new page on who is and who isn’t going to run the Sprint Thanksgiving Day 5k.  I’ll try to keep it updated.  As of today, 10 people are running and I haven’t heard from 17.

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I finally ran this morning after taking last week off.  I don’t have any excuses for not running last week.  I just didn’t feel like it.  That’s all.  This morning felt great.  I did it all and didn’t curse running in general even once.  I’m going to run again tomorrow morning and then either Saturday afternoon or Sunday evening and then I’ll be back on track.  Is it Thanksgiving yet?  I’m almost to the point where I just want to run this 5k and be done with it.  I know I could run an earlier one but I’m not 100% ready for one yet – I STILL need to work on those hills and some more endurance.  Kenny is sick and coughing on everything and anything and I’m just praying that the rest of us won’t get it.  That would set my running back even more.  

Our 6th wedding anniversary is on Saturday so pictures will be coming soon. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NEPHEW WILL!  I ended up getting him this.  I heard that Mary was especially good at it :)  Thanks for all the input!

(Kylie and Will)

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Running (and) strollers

This week my C25K program had me running three 25 minute runs.  And they sucked.  My running felt so good until this week so it’s a little frustrating.  I can run 25 minutes w/o stopping.  I’ve done it in past weeks of this program but this week it was hard.  Like, I barely made it, hard.  Hopefully I can just chalk this up to a bad week and next week will fell better.  I’m crossing my fingers.

I’m so excited about this one…my mom’s friend knew that I wanted a double jogging stroller.  I have a single one and didn’t feel like shelling out another chunk of money for a double.  Anyways, Kathy called me yesterday from a garage sale where they were selling one for $30.  I asked her to grab it for me.  It’s now sitting in our garage waiting to be cleaned.  I can’t wait to use it.  And no, I will not be doing my C25K runs with my 2 kids in the running stroller.  I would have a heart attack.


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40 minutes

Eric and I did the Mayor’s OP 5k Farmstead Stampede (that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?) on Saturday morning with some friends.  I’m a little over halfway through with my Couch to 5k program so it was a great trial run.  I finished in 40 minutes, running 27 minutes and walking 13.  Not bad.  I don’t think I’ll have a problem running the Thanksgiving 5k in 36 minutes, although I have to work on those hills.  There was this huge hill towards the beginning of the run that kicked my Djibouti.  Eric did great.  He finished in 25 minutes and some change.

At check-in, they gave out shirts (we still have to get ours b/c they had run out by the time we got there) and bags to use when you go shopping so you don’t have to use plastic or paper ones.  This was the first time I had ever gotten that at a race.  I thought it was pretty clever.


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