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Kenny’s 8th birthday (with friends)

Kenny and his friend, Arden, had their birthday party together this year.  We went with a backyard movie theme, along with some baseball on the side, in case anyone got a little antsy.

We started off with baseball.

And then we did the cake and presents next since it was still light out.  Arden’s mom made the cutest popcorn cupcakes.  She used marshmallows (cut on the top) to look like the actual popcorn and then sprayed it with yellow food spray.  Then, she stuck a yellow Starburst on top to look like the butter.  They were really tasty too.  To keep with our movie theme, I found these popcorn party favor bags and we stuffed them with popcorn, movie candy and poppers and placed them around the cupcakes.

And then it was time for the movie and popcorn.  Anita rented a projector and speaker and we hung a drop cloth up to show the movie on.  Some of the boys left half-way through the movie and started playing baseball again and others sat and watched the whole thing.  We didn’t care, as long as they were having fun.

Happy (almost) 8th birthday, Kenny – I hope you had fun celebrating with your friends!



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Thanksgiving 2010 in numbers

0:  Number of runs we participated in.  This is the first year in a long time that we haven’t done the Sprint 5K.  Eric worked until 6:30 that morning so we decided to pass on it this year.  He slept while the boys and I took it easy and watched the Macy’s parade.

2:  Number of Thanksgiving meals we ate.  One with Eric’s family and one with mine. 

10:  Number of people who went down to the Plaza lighting ceremony.  This was the boys’ first time to see it live.  We met my brothers and the Martins down there around 5:30, went and got hot chocolate at Scooter’s and then headed to where the stage was set up in time for the countdown, lights and fireworks.  Getting out of there afterwards was a pain in the butt but totally worth it. 

Me and my brothers (Mike and Billy)

The fam

Eric and Luke


Here’s a video that I found on You Tube of the actual lighting.  It’s a big thing here in KC.

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Additions to the mix

We went to Springfield to spend the day with my friend Annie and her family (specifically to meet her sweet little girl).  In the past ten years since college, Annie and I have added husbands – and now kids – to the mix.   

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Camping – sort of

We had plans to go *camping with the Stewarts on Saturday but unfortunately the rain kept us home.  No worries though – we’re going to hopefully try it again this weekend with the Lilaks.

Here’s some pictures of our practice run on Friday.

*And just to be clear, I’m not a camper at all.  I can do one night but that’s it.


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Annie’s baby shower

We had our baby shower for Annie on Saturday.  I still cannot believe that baby Maggie will be here in less than 3 weeks.


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We’re Kansas

Kelly sent me an email today about one of the blogs she reads.  Aimee at Adventures and Pursuits is hosting the Great American Postcard Swap.  We’re going to be the Kansas family in the first group (as of right now there are three groups).  Isn’t that a cute idea?  If you’re interested, send Aimee an email or leave her a comment.


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Cari did a post on her likes and dislikes that I liked and had to steal.

Like:  I purchased a new power cord for our computer today, which means we have access to the internet again. 

Dislike:  We’ve spent a ton of money on this computer in the past month.


Like:  Eric and I beat the new Wii Super Mario Bros. game for the 2nd time, including every coin in every level, level 9 and Bowser twice (there are 2 different endings per game).  We even did it without continuing the 2nd time. 

Dislike:  That means we played the Wii way too much.


Like:  We came in 7th out of 26 teams at our church’s annual trivia night.  I can’t wait for next year!  What could be better than family, friends, a mexican buffet, drinks (beer and margaritas) and trivia for only $15/person?

Dislike:  The category on Jimmy Buffett and House.  We got 0/10 questions right on the Jimmy Buffett one and only 5 right on the House one. 


Like:  KU beat K-State on Saturday night and (if that wasn’t good enough) is ranked #1 again. 

Dislike:  Absolutely nothing.  Everything is right in the world in terms of college basketball.


Like:  Luke’s still doing good in the potty training department (except for dislike listed below).

Dislike:  He’s still only going #2 in his diaper in the morning before we get up or during nap time.


Like:  Eric’s work is having a promotional process for a new Sergeant.  I’ll be crossing every finger possible until the process is over.  

Dislike:  This process will be going on during March and April, which is when Eric was hoping to go to Spain to see his sister.  That won’t be happening now.


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