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Maybe not such a bad thing

I broke my camera yesterday. 

I was taking pictures at the pool when I dropped the stupid thing on the pool deck.  I’m not chalking this up as a loss because I have absolutely HATED my camera for the last few months.  I would use my camera a few times and then the low battery light would inevitably start flashing and the thing would die.  Just yesterday, I put new batteries before we left for the pool.  I took maybe 10 pictures before it started telling me that I was low on power and then I took (maybe)  three more pictures before the damn thing died.  The only way to get it going again was to take the batteries out and then put them in again.  And then the process would start all over.

If you have a camera that you LOVE, please leave me a comment.  Ali and Sonya, I expect to hear from you because your pictures are always amazing.



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I had to change the password on the previous post.  For some reason it just wasn’t working.  It’s now just the number that was in the previous password.  If I’ve thoroughly confused you (or if you just want to know what the heck this is all about), just leave me a comment here and I’ll email it to you.


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Did any of you guys have or throw a great 30th birthday party?  Eric turns 30 on August 10th and I still can’t decide if I should have a big party for him.  Do I do it here or at a bar?  Or should we go on a mini-trip together (close but fun)?  Decisions, decisions.  I am so behind. 

Eric is sleeping now.  Before he wakes up, I’m going to make this a password protected post so he can’t see it.  The password is going to be “Eric’s 30th”.  Password changed to “30”.

I would love to hear any of your suggestions (themes, places, etc).


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Wii games for kids?

Alright, what Wii games do you guys have that your kids love?  We have Wii Sports and Mario Kart.  Any others?  I’m looking for one for Kenny for his birthday.  He’ll be 5.


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Memory verses and Ivan

I found this great workbook for kids that deals with learning Bible verses.

There are 43 activities.  Each activity includes a short verse, an explanation, a Bible passage to read that pertains to the quote and a project to do. 

For example, the first activity dealt with creation.  The verse Kenny learned was “on the 7th day (God) rested.”  After Kenny memorized that, we read the story of creation in the Bible and we talked about how everyone needs to rest.  The activity for that one was basically making a creation clock.  The clock was divided into the 7 days and each day showed what God did on that day.  Kenny colored and cut it out and then taped it onto a paper plate (we were out of glue).  To finish it off, we added the clock hand with a fastener.  It turned out really cute and Kenny had a great time.  We’ve done 4 of them so far and they’re still a hit.  And even better, Kenny has learned a lot.

The activity book is called Teaching Children Memory Verses by Rainbow Productions.  If interested, I found it here in KC at Mardel (Rosana Square – 119th and Metcalf).

I also found a Come and See series on-line.  Has anyone used these before or heard anything about them?

In other church-ie (yes, I’m making up words now) news, we had a priest yesterday who, during his homily, talked about sponsoring a child or older adult through the organization CFCA.  There were pictures and info on all those who were in need of sponsorship in the lobby for us to look at.  We decided to do it.  We’re now the proud sponsors of 5 year old Ivan from Colombia.


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I received this email from one of the women in my church group.  If you can help, please do:

My good friend Kori had something horrible happen last fall. Her daughter passed away after living 1 month at Children’s Mercy. The day of the funeral, just before burying her, Kori suffered a massive heart attack. She is only 34 and had no signs of any heart problems in her life. That day she died several times and they revived her. For the past 7 months, she has been on a special device that allows her to live until she gets a heart transplant. Her husband and 3 yr old daughter live here in KS while she lives in Salt Lake City waiting for a heart to arrive– the only hospital that would do her rare type of transplant.

While she has insurance, it only covers a certain percent and her medical bills are piling up.

We’re doing several fundraisers to help her.

Grab a friend or take your family out for a treat this Sunday, April 26th. Smoothie King, located at 135th and Metcalf (Overland Park, KS) will give 30% of their profits to the Kori Karstetter-Bigge Medical Fund if you mention “Love4Kori” between 11 AM-3PM.
Where: Smoothie King (135th and Metcalf location, Overland Park, KS)
When: Sunday, April 26th, 11 A.M.- 3 P.M.
Why: 30% of proceeds donated to Kori’s Medical Fund
Buzz Phrase: Make sure to mention “Love4Kori”


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Keep an eye out

Luke loves police cars.  He has 2 pairs of pajamas with police cars on them and he cries when we change him out of them.  I’m looking for a shirt with a police car on it to give to him for his birthday.  If you’re out and about and you see one, would you let me know what store it’s at.  I’m looking for a 2T, long or short sleeved. 

If not, I’ll just find one on-line.


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