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Things I’m lovin’

Here are just a few things that I’m loving right now:

1.  Starbuck’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Yum!  Even better, we had to wait in the drive through for 5 minutes the other day and they gave us our order for free.

2.  Dexter

I had three people, in just one week, tell me that I needed to watch this show.  I did and loved it.  It’s a little messed up (serial killer that only kills bad people) but different, in a good way.  I’m waiting to get season 2 from the library.

3.  Fork and Screen movies

What could be better than eating dinner while watching a movie in big, comfy seats?  And the food isn’t that bad.  I did make the mistake of ordering the fish the first time we went and it was definitely more difficult to eat in the dark.  Eric took me to the Fork and Screen showing of Twilight two weeks ago.  The beginning was so, so bad BUT the end completely made up for it.  It had a little twist that I did not see coming.  It was much better than the book.

I want to see the Abraham Lincoln and James Bond movies next.

4.  Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

One of my FB friends recommended it as a good read.  At first, I was kind of put off by the fact that it’s about college students but quickly got over it.  She is also writing it from the guy’s point of view (this one was from the girl’s) and it’s coming out in April.

I also read 50 Shades of Gray and I’m not sure what all the fuss is about (maybe it gets better in book #2 and #3).  If she mentioned biting her lip or her inner goddess one more time, I was going to lose it.

Next, I really want to read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I’m still #121 on the wait list at the library.

My book club is reading The Life of Pi for our January read and I really hope it’s good.

I would LOVE some more book recommendations.  I need a new, good author/series.

5.  Groupon

I’ve already bought three Christmas gifts off of Groupon.

6.  Ebates

It kills me when I forget to go through Ebates when ordering on-line

7.  Luke and Kenny’s excitement for Christmas

Luke has been talking about Christmas since September.  Even though we’ve had to remind him a few times that Christmas is about Jesus’s birth, and not presents, it’s still really cute.  I am really going to miss it when they no longer believe in Santa.  I’m actually a little surprised that Kenny still does.

8.  Longview Lake’s Christmas in the Park display

This is the second year that we’ve gone to it.  The display is huge and they just really do a good job.  We took my parents along this year and we decided to make it an annual thing.

9.  Indoor soccer

I love soccer in general but I really love watching the boys play indoor soccer right now.  I love how fast paced it is.  Kenny’s games are just fun to watch because the kids are all starting to get to that stage where they are really good.  His footwork is getting so good and the kid can seriously get the ball away from anyone.  Luke is fun to watch because he likes to be the goalie.  Kenny and Luke are so different in that regard, and it really shows their personalities.  I feel like Kenny doesn’t like to be goalie because when he gets scored on, he takes it personally and feels bad.  When Luke gets scored on, it doesn’t bother him and he says he didn’t have any help (with a smile on his face).

10.  Eric’s schedule

I can’t believe I forgot this one at first.  Eric is now working Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00 like normal people do, with holidays off.  Unless a promotional process comes up, he’ll do this for the next four years.


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More summer movies and musicals

Once again, this is more for me than anything else. 

Dickinson Theatres Summer Vacation Movie Series

June 13 – August 4th.

Tickets are just $2.50 each at the Box office or you can buy a season pass for $13 at any participating theatre.

Drink/popcorn/candy combos will be available for purchase ($3.75 plus tax).

Click here for schedule.

Crown Center Free Friday Flicks

July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Crown Center Square. Bring your blanket and lawn chairs, sit under the stars and take in a classic movie on a huge outdoor screen. This year’s lineup: 50 First Dates (July 1), Tootsie (July 8), Hoosiers (July 15), A League of Their Own (July 22), Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (July 29). FREE admission. Concessions will be available. Movies begin at approximately 9 p.m.

Theatre In the Park

The Sound of Music  June 10-12 and 16-19

Les Miserables  June 24-26 and June 30-July 3 

Aida  July 8-10 and 14-17

Seussical  July 22-24 and 28-31

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Cheap summer movies

I’m posting this more so I remember…

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Oscar night ramblings

– The only Oscar nominated movies that I’ve seen are Up and Sherlock Holmes.  I still really want to see Inglourious Basterds. 

– I love Colin Firth.  He should have won – not that I saw the movie or anything but solely because of my love for him.

 – I’m not a big Alec Baldwin fan but he and Steve Martin were H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. 

– I’m SO glad that they didn’t get political.  That annoys me more than anything else. 

– We saw Shutter Island last night and I’m sure it’ll be up for an Oscar next year.  It was really good.  Not I’d watch a million times good, but glad I saw it good. 

– The boys spent the night at my parents’ last night so Eric and I went to see the movie and then I had the rest of the night to myself when Eric went to work.  It was glorious.

– My mom, Luke and I went to church this morning while my dad stayed home with Kenny, who has a bit of a cold.  There was this little boy sitting behind us named Michael.  At some point during mass, Michael’s mom told him not to do something.  Luke looked at him and said, “Yeah, Michael.”  Then while the rest of the congregation was singing a hymn, Luke decided to sing about Batman and Joker.  I didn’t hear him but my mom did.  I’m hoping it wasn’t the “Jingle Bells, Batman smells” song but I have a feeling it was. 

– I decided to stop and wash my car on the way home today.  Half way through the wash cycle, Kenny accidentally opened his window.  The sprayer was right on his side so we all got wet.  At that point, all you can do is laugh.

– My ankles and shins are killing me.  I took Mac for a run on Friday and spent the majority of the time trying to pull him back.

– Kenny’s last basketball game was on Saturday.  We missed it because we thought it started at 1 but it was really at noon.  Oops. 

– Soccer starts on Wednesday.  And then t-ball in May.  And then swim team (pre-competitive), swim lessons and soccer in June.  And on and on it goes.  I’m not complaining.


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T-ball and H.P.

Kenny is officially done with t-ball.  They had their last practice last night and received their medals. 





And some Luke cuteness…



After practice, we ran the boys over to my parents house so they could spend the night there (thanks Mom and Dad!) while Eric and I went to see the 12:10 a.m. showing of Harry Potter.  The movie was really good but if you’ve read the book, the ending is a little disappointing.  They main things still happen but they took out the big fight scene.  I’m glad we went but I’m exhausted today.  Four hours of sleep just doesn’t cut it.


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I’ve got it covered

Eric and I were watching The Wedding Date last night.  There is this gorgeous British house towards the end of the movie that just makes you want to move to England.

Me:  “I think you should quit your job so we can move there and live in that house.”

Eric:  “I don’t think bobbies get paid enough to afford that house.”

Me:  “We’ve got it covered.  You forget that Mr. Urge is leaving me his money.”

I have a feeling that that’s not going to get old any time soon;)


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