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Annie’s baby shower

We had our baby shower for Annie on Saturday.  I still cannot believe that baby Maggie will be here in less than 3 weeks.



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Spillin’ the beans

I am so excited that I can finally write about this….

One of my closest friends in the whole entire world is pregnant with her first child!  Annie and Heath, I’m so excited for you guys and cannot wait until March.


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To whom it may concern

To the makers of Similac:

Although I usually love free samples, getting baby formula in the mail didn’t exactly make my day after having a miscarriage.  You might want to take me off your list.


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My doctor’s office called a few days ago with the results of my blood work.  I had to have my hCG levels tested to make sure that my body doesn’t still think it’s pregnant.  My levels are back down to zero, which is good.  The nurse then told me that if I do get pregnant again, I need to call them as soon as I find out so they can monitor my progesterone levels.  That really took me by surprise.  I guess I just thought that after having two healthy pregnancies, the miscarriage was just a (for lack of a better word) fluke.


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Bad news

I lost the baby last night. 

I started having really bad cramps around 7:30 and then started heavily bleeding at 8:30.  There was so much blood.  We went to the hospital and they confirmed the miscarriage.  Luckily I didn’t have to have a D&C. 

We’re obviously upset right now but we realize that there’s a reason why it happened. 

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts.  We really appreciate it.


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Bed rest update

My doctor wasn’t in today so I saw one of her associates instead.  They did some lab work and a nurse called this afternoon with the results.  I guess my progesterone levels are low.  I’m at 8.1.  I can’t remember what they said they wanted it to be at.  Maybe 10 or higher?  I’m on progesterone supplement pills now and I’ll go back on Friday to have my levels checked again.


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Bed rest

I’m on bed rest for the next few days. 

I started bleeding and cramping last night, lightly but steadily (I know, too much info).  When it got a little heavier, I headed to the emergency room.  The doctors did a pelvic exam and an internal sonogram (that’s another story right there), both which came out with positive results.  We were able to see the baby in its sac, with its heart pumping away.  The sac’s placement looked fine.  They just don’t know why I’m bleeding.  It could turn out to be absolutely nothing (knock on wood) or it could be leading up to a miscarriage.  Hence, the bed rest. 

Please say a prayer for a positive outcome.


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