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4.5 months

Crap.  It’s been four and a half months since I’ve put anything on here.  I’ll have to go back and post previous things (Cub Scout, soccer, basketball, St. Patrick’s Day, school things, etc) later but until then, here is what is going on:

– Kenny:

Kenny is doing great at school (as always).  We went to EL the other week and were able to see the different things he’s been working on, including acting in a short silent movie, power point, brain teasers and reports.  He plays soccer competitively year round and I just love his coach and the organization (KC Legends).  They are just so good at teaching the boys strategy and skills.  He played basketball this winter and baseball season has already started.  I really wish baseball started in May when soccer is over or at least close to it.

– Luke:

I am absolutely amazed at how well his reading has come and I owe it all to his teacher.  He has come so far and I’m so proud of him.  He played with a Legends soccer team this winter and the team went competitive this spring.  His coach is talking about keeping the team together all next year too.  If not, he’ll tryout for a competitive team this summer.  He played basketball this winter and is playing baseball this spring.  Luke’s 7th birthday is coming up at the end of this month.

– Eric:

He’s still coaching and working his normal job, on top of being the assistant coach for Kenny’s baseball team.  The man is busy.  He’s a little scruffy for work and has people tell him that he looks like Bradley Cooper all the time.  He loves it.

– Me:

Work is going well.  Our swim team and Speedo brought in Ryan Lochte last month.  I’ll do a whole post on that some day.  I have problems with my feet and plantar fasciitis.  My feet actually feel pretty good right now but I still feel it when I’m on them for too long or walk too far.  For example, we went to the zoo during Spring Break and I was hobbling out of bed the next morning.  I started an 8 week bootcamp at Fusion back in January and loved it so much that I’m on #2.  It’s mainly spin related so it doesn’t bother my feet at all.  We can do studio classes too.  They are the hardest classes I’ve ever done but I feel so much stronger and better now.  Fusion is seriously the best place.  It’s a little intimidating at first but everyone there is so nice and encouraging.  I’m addicted.  I’m currently doing their 30 workouts in 30 days April challenge.  We can’t count our bootcamps so that means I’m doing 38 workouts in 30 days.  I’ve done 17 so far (or 23 if you count my bootcamps).  My birthday is on Friday but we’re not celebrating until Saturday because Kenny has a baseball game.

– Mac and Camille:

Mac’s ACL seems fine.  Camille is still hanging on, even though she has cancer.  We didn’t do anywhere over Spring Break because we weren’t sure about how she would be doing at that point.  She does drool more and more on the side of her mouth that has the tumor.  She’s lost 5 pounds since we last took her in back in November.  I swear that her love of the soft, canned dog food that we now buy her is keeping her alive:)


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Spring sports – game schedules

This post will stay at the top of the page to make it easier for family members.  Please scroll down.

Kenny’s soccer:

Sun, March 9 @ 6:30pm – outdoor

Sat, March 29 @ 11am – indoor

Sat, March 29 @ 3:15pm – outdoor

Fri, April 4 @ 6:15pm – outdoor

Sun, April 13 @ 4:15pm – outdoor

Sat, May 3 @ noon – outdoor

Sun, May 11 @ noon – outdoor

Sat, May 17 @ 12:15pm – outdoor – he may have to miss this one

Sun, May 18 @ 4pm – outdoor

Weekend of May 24 = soccer tournament

Sun, June 1 @ 4pm

Luke’s outdoor soccer:

Sat, March 29 @ 11am

Sun, March 30 @ 2pm (changed from 1pm)

Sat, April 5 @ 2pm

Sun, April 6 @ 1pm

Sat, April 19 at noon

Sun, April 27 @ noon

Sat, May 3 @ 10am

Sat, May 10 @ 11am

Kenny’s baseball:

Wed, April 2 @ 8pm

Tues, April 8 @ 8pm

Fri, April 18 @ 6pm

Mon, April 21 @ 6pm

Mon, April 28 @ 6pm

Sun, May 4 @ 6pm

Sat, May 10 @ noon

Thurs, May 15 @ 6pm

Mon, May 19 @ 6pm

Mon, June 2 @ 6pm

Wed, June 4 @ 6pm

Thurs, June 5 @ 8:15pm

Thurs, June 12 @ 6pm

Sun, June 15 @ 3:15pm

Thurs, June 19 @ 8:15pm

Mon, June 30 @ 8:15pm

Luke’s baseball:

Tues, April 8 @ 6pm

Wed, April 23 @ 6pm

Tues, April 29 @ 7pm

Mon, May 5 @ 7pm

Fri, May 9 @ 5:30pm – this may be moved to Thurs, May 8

Thurs, May 15 @ 7pm

Tues, May 20 @ 5:30pm

Wed, May 28 @ 7pm

Wed, June 4 @ 5:30pm

Tournament the weekend of June 6-8

Tues, June 10 @ 7pm

Wed, June 11 @ 7pm

Fri, June 13 @ 5:30pm

Thurs, June 19 @ 7pm

Thurs, June 26 @ 7pm

Text me for locations.

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Winter 2 sport’s schedule

This post will stay at the top of the page to make it easier for family members.  Please scroll down.

Kenny indoor soccer:

Sat, Jan 11 @ 5:30pm – 4v4

Fri, Jan 17 @ 5:25pm

Sat, Jan 18 @ 11:30am – 4v4

Sun, Jan 19 @ 6:50am

Sun, Feb 2 @ 9:50am – 4v4

Sat, Feb 8 @ 11:45 (4v4) and 4:15pm

Sat, Feb 15 @ 7:40am and 11:15am (4v4)

Sun, Feb 16 @ 11am (4v4) and 1:35pm

Sat, Feb 22 @ 11:20am – 4v4

Sun, Feb 23 @ 6am

Sat, March 1 @ 12:20pm – 4v4

Sun, March 9 @ 10:10am

Sat, March 15 @ 6:40pm

Luke indoor soccer:

Sun, Jan 12 @ 11:15am

Sat, Jan 18 @ noon

Sat, Jan 25 @ 2:05pm

Sun, Feb 2 @ 9am

Sun, Feb 9 @ 12:40pm

Sun, Feb 16 @ 12:05pm

Sun, Feb 23 @ 2pm

Sat, March 1 @ 2pm

Kenny’s basketball:

Sat, Dec 14 @ 2pm

Sat, Jan 4 @ 2pm

Sat, Jan 11 @ – cancelled

Sat, Jan 18 @ 3pm

Sat, Jan 25 @ 4pm

Sat, Feb 1 @ noon

Sat, Feb 8 @ noon

Sat, Feb 15 @ 3pm

Sat, Feb 22 @ 2pm

Sat, March 1 @ 4pm and 6pm – tournament

Sat, March 8 – 2 make ups games (times TBA)

Luke basketball:

Sat, Jan 4 @ noon

Sat, Jan 12 @ 3pm

Sat, Jan 18 @ 5pm

Sat, Jan 25 @ 10am – not going to because of Pinewood Derby

Sat, Feb 1 @ 4pm

Sat, Feb 8 @ noon

Sat, Feb 15 @ 4pm

Sat, Feb 22 @ 11am

Text/email me for locations.

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Just walk it off

Kenny broke his toe in his MMA class back in September.  He wasn’t kicking or sparring or anything, he was just doing bear crawls down and then sprinting back.  When he went to turn, he somehow rolled his toe.  Being the good mom that I am, I just told him to walk it off when he told me he hurt it:)  His instructor looked at it and thought we needed to have a doctor look at it.  We went to the ER, they did an X-ray, told us it was broken and put him in a boot.


Fast forward to four weeks later, his X-rays were showing that his toe wasn’t showing a “significant improvement” so we had to go see an orthopedic doctor the next week.  We went, they did another X-ray and, this time, his toe was starting to heal.  They said he could take his boot off that day but would have to wait to start soccer on Nov. 9; just in time for a tournament.  He can start gym class on the 11th and then MMA two weeks later.  He was literally dancing out of the doctor’s office (and they were all laughing).

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Go Chiefs!

Our Chiefs are 9-0!


I took this picture at one of the pre-season games that we went to this year.


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Winter 1 Sports’ Schedule 2013

This post will stay at the top of the page to make it easier for family members.  Please scroll down to see newer posts.

Luke’s indoor soccer:

Sat, Nov 2 @ 10am

Sat, Nov 9 @ 9am

Sat, Nov 16 @ 1:30pm

Sat, Nov 23 @ 10am

Sat, Nov 30 @ 1pm

Sat, Dec 7 @ 4:30pm

Sat, Dec 14 @ noon

Sat, Dec 21 @ 11:30am

Kenny’s indoor soccer:

Sat, Oct. 19 @ 8:30am – Kenny won’t be playing in due to his broken toe

Sat, Oct 26 @ 5:55pm – Kenny won’t be playing in 

Sat, Nov 2 @ 6am – Kenny won’t be playing in

Fri, Nov 8 @ 5pm – tournament

Sat, Nov 9 @ 9:10am – tournament

Sat, Nov 9 @ 11:10am

Sun, Nov 10 @ 12:25pm – tournament

Sun, Nov 10 @ 5:10pm – tournament

Sat, Nov 16 @ 5pm

Sun, Nov 17 @ 11:55am

Sat, Nov 23 @ 6:50am AND 6:30pm – pm game = 4v4

Sat, Nov 30 @ 3:30pm – 4v4

Sat, Dec 7 @ 4:30pm – 4v4

Sat, Dec 14 @ 7:40am, 11am AND 4:30pm (11 and 4:30 games = 4v4)

Sat, Dec 21 @ 2:30pm – 4v4

Text/email me for location.

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Fall soccer 2013

This is Kenny’s first year doing competitive soccer.  We LOVE the program and he really likes his teammates.  He missed a lot of the season due to his toe and he’s anxious to start up again this weekend.

Luke is still with his same coach and team.  His team is really good and Luke seems to score just about every game.







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