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2015 year in review


Name:  Luke

Age:  8

Favorite color:  Silver

Favorite food:  Mac and cheese

Favorite activity:  Playing Clash of Clans

Favorite book:  Goosebumps


Greatest lesson learned:  Make sure the gate is closed when I leave the backyard

Hardest thing this year:  Cleaning my room

Favorite memory:  Royals winning World Series

What I loved about 2015:  Royals winning the World Series


Want to learn:  More science

Want to get better at:  Clash of Clans

Goals for 2016:  Be good at Clash of Clans


Name: Kenny

Age: 11

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Favorite activity: Soccer

Favorite book:  The Last Hero


Greatest lesson learned:  Always make sure the gate is closed

Hardest thing this year: Getting up at 6:00am every school day to go to pre-algebra

Favorite memory: Getting the Xbox One

What I loved about 2015:  Getting Cain, our new dog


Want to learn: How to do an “around the world” with a soccer ball

Want to get better at: Soccer

Goals for 2016:  Go to Monster Mountain and climb it


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2014 in review

I was horrible at getting things on here for 2014.  In an attempt to rectify that, I’m going to share our big events from each month.

January 2014

I started my first of three boot camps for the year.  I.Am.Addicted.

Kenny and Luke played basketball and indoor soccer.

February 2014

Kenny made it to the Mathletic’s regionals and his team placed 2nd out of the 4th graders!

March 2014

We went to Lawrence, KS for St. Patrick’s Day.  I love Lawrence so much.  I love showing the boys the KU campus.

We did not go anywhere for Spring Break because we didn’t want to leave one of our dogs, Camille, alone.  She was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth back in November.

My second boot camp stated after Spring Break.

Both boys started baseball and outdoor soccer.

Ryan Lochte did a clinic for our swim team.

April 2014

I turned 36 and Luke turned 7.

May 2014

Nicole came in town and I got to see her for a little bit.  This was the first time I’ve seen her since her wedding.  It was way overdue.

Luke finished first grade and Kenny finished fourth.

June 2014

Kenny turned 10.

We joined Round Hill Bath and Tennis Club with a lot of friends and had the best summer there.  We will definitely join again next summer.

Kenny and Luke tried out for competitive, year round soccer and made a team.  Kenny stayed with the same team as last year.  This was Luke’s first time to try out.

We put Camille to sleep on June 27, when she was no longer able to get up.  We miss her so much!

June 27 also happened to be our dating anniversary.  Eric took me out on our first date 16 years ago.

July 2014

We spent the 4th of July at Round Hill and then watched Meadowbrook Country Club’s fireworks for the last time.  It closed this fall.

Kenny and Eric went to a Cub Scout camp.  That ended up being the end of Cub Scouts for Kenny.

We took a quick trip to St. Louis.  I saw Nicole (again!), went to the Arch, the zoo and the City Museum.  The City Museum was amazing!

August 2014

Eric turned 35.

We took the boys to their first concert – American Authors, The Script and One Republic at Starlight.

Kenny started fifth grade and Luke started second.

Both boys started outdoor soccer and Luke also played in some fall baseball tournaments.

Luke started Cub Scouts, they both joined their school’s running club and Kenny started Mathletics and choir.

Kenny’s soccer team did their first traveling soccer tournament.  We all drove down to Arkansas for Labor Day weekend.

September 2014

Kenny accidentally shut Mac’s (our dog) tail in the door and severed part of it off.  Our kitchen looked like a crime scene but Mac was tough.

Eric and I went to the Theory of a Deadman concert (Black Stone Cherry opened).

Eric and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.

I started my third boot camp.

October 2014

Eric and the rest of the SWAT team went to Iowa for a week of training.  They do this just about every year.

I went on my first Sweat Crawl.  Think pub crawl, but instead of drinking you go to different gyms for quick 30 minute workouts.

Kenny and Luke ran the last 1.2 miles of the KC Marathon with their school running club.

The boys dressed up as the Grim Reaper for Halloween.

The Royals made it to the World Series and lost in the seventh game to the Giants.  They had such a good year and it was so fun for the city.

November 2014

Kenny and Luke started indoor soccer and basketball.

Kenny and the rest of the fifth graders had Colonial Day at school.  They dressed up, danced, did activities and even ate food that had to do with that time period.

Thanksgiving was pretty low key since none of our out-of-town relatives came to KC.

December 2014

Mac turned 7.

Luke celebrated the sacrament of Reconciliation at church.

Kenny and the rest of his choir sang at Crown Center.

MythBusters came to KC.  Eric took the boys to see their live show.

Eric and I went to the Black Key’s concert (St. Vincent opened).

Eric became Hattie’s godfather.

We spent Dec. 19-the morning of the 25th with my family and then the evening of Dec 25-Jan 1 with Eric’s family.

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Year in review – 2014



Name:  Luke

Age:  7

Favorite color:  Silver

Favorite food:  Mac and cheese

Favorite activity:  Playing football

Favorite book:  Far Out and Unusual Hermit Crabs


Greatest lesson learned:  To greet people

Hardest thing this year:  My dog Camille died

Favorite memory:  Getting Yumiae my pet hermit crab

What I loved about 2014:  I got Yumiae my pet hermit crab


Want to learn:  Fact about hermit crabs

Want to get better at:  Football and basketball

Goals for 2015:  Learning facts about hermit crabs and getting better at Snoopy’s Fair




Name: Kenny McCullough

Age: 10

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite activity: Playing soccer

Favorite book: Minecraft Combat Handbook


Greatest lesson learned: Phones r awesome

Hardest thing this year: Learning to do a rainbow (soccer)

Favorite memory: Getting my phone

What I loved about 2014: I got a phone


Want to learn: To make iMovies as well as Jack

Want to get better at: Soccer

Goals for 2015: Be in the champion’s league by 2016 (Clash of Clans)

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Good-bye 2013, hello 2014

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m ready for 2014.  2013 wasn’t bad for us, except medically the last part of the year.  Let’s see, starting in September, we had:

– Kenny:

Broken toe = 4 X-rays and a trip to an orthopedic doctor.  Plus, he was sick for the entire month of November.

– Eric:

Bruised ribs = X-ray to make sure they weren’t broken.

– Luke:

Sick for most of November.

– Me:

Sick for the entire month of November.

– Camille (dog):

Cancer of the mouth = X-ray and a trip to an oncologist.

– Mac (dog):

Tore his ACL.  Luckily for us money-wise, our vet doesn’t recommend surgery for him due to how big he is.  He said if he was a working dog, it would be another story.

I had the boys fill these out on New Years Eve so I could remember what they liked best about the year and what they are looking forward to.



I’m not the best at keeping up on this blog anymore but I still try to get in and record the bigger things, even if it’s months later.

And just in case I can’t ever read what they put, it says:


Age:  6

Favorite color:  orange

Favorite food:  oranges

Favorite activity:  reading

Favorite book:  Cowabunga Snoopy

Greatest lesson learned:  How to tell time

Hardest thing this year:  I want to get better at football

Favorite memory:  When I got Mario Kart 7

What I loved about 2013:  When I got my Chiefs’ watch

Want to learn:  100+2×3-8×1000=?

Want to get better at:  Hand writing

Goals for 2014:  Hand writing


Age:  nine years old

Favorite color:  scarlet

Favorite food:  chicken pot pie

Favorite activity:  soccer

Favorite book:  Big Nate books

Greatest lesson learned:  Long division

Hardest thing this year:  Learning to put contact lenses in my eyes (without fainting)

Favorite memory:  The memory of my b-day

What I loved about 2013:  Me!!!!!!!!!!

Want to learn:  Two-digit long division

Want to get better at:  Soccer

Goals for 2014:  Try to make the days before my b-day go faster

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Out with the old and in with the new.




2007 in review….

Kenny became a big brother.  Luckily, Luke – our little lump- arrived a little early.  I’m not a pleasant pregnant woman.  Luke absolutely loves Kenny and Kenny has been a great big brother so far.  We’ve only had a few “take Luke back to the hospital” pleas and one booger in the hair incident.  So far Luke has been an easy baby – this may have more to do with fact that we actually know what we’re doing this time around.   Luke’s one little quirk is that he doesn’t like change.  We laugh b/c he could be sitting in his highchair sideways but if he’s not upset, you don’t move him or he’ll scream bloody murder.  He’s a funny little man.  Kenny played soccer (or bunch ball as Eric calls it) this summer.  That was hilarious!  The kids spent more time walking on this dirt path on the soccerfield than actually playing.  Luckily we had no expections before it started.  Kenny also took swimming lessons all summer.  It’s amazing.  He can already jump in and swim to the 2nd lane line.  In September, he started preschool.  I still can’t believe I have a child in school.  He’s adjusted well to school and even starred as Joseph in their christmas story play.  When I say starred, I mean he dressed up as Joseph and was led around by the teacher while she told the story.  Eric finished his first half marathon this summer and found out he would be moving from detective to corporal at the police department.  He changed positions earlier this month.  I started working part-time at the new community center as the pool manager, mainly on weekends.  So far, so good.

2008 – Resolutions

1.  Get in shape so I’m not huffing and puffing at our church’s 5K run in May.  We did the Sprint 5K on Thanksgiving Day and I had to run 2 miles and walk 1.  Eric wants me to do a half marathon with him but I guarentee that won’t happen this year…probably not even in 2009.

2.  Work with Kenny on writing his alphabet and doing his school books.  School books = preschool activity books I found at Wal-Mart.

3.  Spend more one-on-one time with Luke.  It’s so hard with 2!  All Kenny had was one-on-one time.

Maybe by sharing these I’ll actually do them this year.

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