World Series Champs!

After 30 years (including making the World Series last year), the Royals finally won another championship!

We are so, so, so proud of our Royals.  They are just a lot of fun to watch, partially because you can tell that they like each other and they are genuinely having fun.

Here’s to hoping it won’t take another 30 years to take the crown.


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Cain aka 1738

Meet Cain, the newest member of our family.


We took the plunge and adopted a black lab/retriever mix.  He’s 1.5 years old and seems to be a real sweetheart.  He came from another shelter so we don’t know what his original circumstances were.  We looked at all the dogs that the shelter considered to be good with other dogs and kids and “Donald” seemed to fit in best with the kids and Mac.



The name Donald didn’t seem to fit him so we changed it to Cain, after my favorite Royals player, Lorenzo Cain.  With the Royals in the playoffs, it seemed right to name him after one of them.  Cain’s nickname is 1738.  The Royals had a joke this year.  They had to use “1738” in their interviews.  If they didn’t, they fined each other.  You can read why in these two articles:



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Kenny’s 11 year stats

Weight:  82 pounds (55%)

Height:  61.5 inches (96%)

BMI:  15.3 (15%)

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Luke’s 8 year stats

Height:  50.25 inches (50%)

Weight:  54 lbs. (45%)

BMI:  15.2 (35%)

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Happy 11th birthday, Kenny!

Happy birthday to you,


Happy birthday to you,


Happy birthday, dear Kenny,


Happy birthday to you!




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Happy 8th birthday, Luke!

Happy birthday to you,


Happy birthday to you,


Happy birthday, dear Luke,


Happy birthday to you!


Love you!


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Spring 2015 sports

This will stay at the top of the page to make it easier for family members. Please scroll down.

Kenny’s soccer (outdoor):

Sat, March 7 @ 3:45pm

Sun,  March 15 @ 12:15pm

Sun, March 29 @ 11:45am

Fri, April 3 @ 7:30pm

Sat, April 18 @ 2:30pm

Sun, May 3 @ 9:15am

Sat, May 16 @ 1:15pm

Sun, May 17 @ 1:15pm


Luke’s soccer (outdoor):

Sat, March 7 @ 1:15pm

Sat, March 28 @ 11am

Sun, March 29 @ 2:15pm

Sat, April 4 @ 1:15pm

Sun, April 12 @ 11am

Sun, April 19 @ 6:30pm

Sun, May 10 @ 2:15pm

Sun, May 17 @ 1:15pm

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