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Happy 10th birthday, Kenny!


Happy birthday to you, 


Happy birthday to you, 


Happy birthday, dear Kenny, 


Happy birthday to you!




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Solo visitando

My SIL Amanda started a *new blog for when she goes to Spain in January (and yes, it’s definitely happening – her acceptance letter officially arrived).  I can’t wait to hear all her stories and see her pictures.

*I fixed the link

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True Fitness

My husband decided to start a fitness blog.  Please go here to see it and get some ideas. 

He’s run half marathons (and is working towards a full one right now), swims (he won State in the 100 free in high school and was an All-American in college), bikes and lifts weights.  His college degree was in Exercise Science and he’s earned other qualifications since then. 

Here’s what his About Me page says:

“I created this fitness blog for a couple of reasons.  First it is a handy place to log my workouts so that I can go back and view them and see my progress, or lack of at times.  Second, I figured that everyone can use some tips and suggestions for how to improve their overall health and fitness and how to be truly fit.  I figured I could help out by providing people with ideas and by responding to comments.  If you want to become healthier, lose weight, or train for any sort of athletic event, I can help you reach true fitness.I received a bachelor of science degree in Exercise Science with a minor in biology from Truman State University.  I have been certified by the Cooper Fitness Institute as a fitness specialist and in providing dietary guidance.  I have coached swimming at various levels including rec leagues, high school, and USA swimming club level.  I am a certified level 1 high school coach and a certified USA swimming coach.  I have competed in various athletic events throughout my entire life and was a collegiate level athlete and NCAA Division II Swimming All-American as well as a Kansas State Swimming Champion.  I still swim and compete in various running distances including 5K’s and half-marathon’s, and I’m currently training to complete my first marathon. 

My interest in fitness is also related to my job.  All people can benefit by being in shape for their jobs.  It generally leads to greater productivity and fewer sick days.  For me it is more important because I am a Police Officer in a suburb of a major metro area.  I am also a member of the SWAT team for our department, so fitness is very important to me for work and recreation.

I would be happy to help anyone that has questions about fitness or has comments about fitness.”

Oh, and I’m not loving the name of his blog so if you can think of a better one, please share.

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New addition to my blogroll

Olivia’s (a girl in Kenny’s preschool class) mom just started a new blog.  It’s targeted towards fashion, decorating and healthy eating.  Make sure you pop over to 123dressme and take a look.

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