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Late Night in the Phog

Tonight is Late Night at KU, which is when we celebrate the start of basketball season.  The men and women’s teams are introduced and they typically do skits and dance.  It’s a fun, fun night.  We’ll be at a wedding tonight so we won’t be there.

Here’s the dancing from last year (found on You Tube):

God bless college basketball season!



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And the worst uniform goes to….

I was listening to Pandora tonight and, of course, the ad at the bottom left of the screen caught my attention.  By the way, it’s BEWARE OF THE PHOG, not beware the phog.  Actually it’s “Pay Heed All Who Enter:  Beware Of The Phog”.


Is anyone else distracted by the horrible shorts?  But the real questions is, which of the following uniforms is the worst?  I know who I’m picking.



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I <3 March Madness

This picture was going around FB and I thought it was perfect for March Madness.

march madness

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Basketball snob

I  absolutely love this post


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Not bad for a rebuilding year, eh?

KU just beat Ohio State and we’re going to the championship!!!!  Not bad for a rebuilding year when we really weren’t expecting them to go too far. 

And I know this isn’t nice, but suck it Jack:)

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St. Paddy’s 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Luke, Kenny (and our Jayhawk statue)!


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March Madness 2012

1.  I LOVE March Madness.  LOVE.

2.  KU didn’t make a #1 seed but they didn’t really deserve it.  The #2 seed was fine.

3.  I took this blindfold bracket approach and came up with KU to win it all.  It’s kind of fun if you haven’t already tried it.

4.  I actually had Kentucky to win it all in the first bracket I made.  I just couldn’t do it and ended up ripping it up and doing a new one where KU wins it all. 

5.  As much as I want KU to win (or at least do well), I want Mizzou to lose.  K State used to be my least favorite team but that honor has now gone to Mizzou.

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